Note: Each of the duo members must complete the registration form. The required application documents to be uploaded for each duo member are: – a short curriculum vitae – a copy of the birth certificate and an identity document – a recent photo of each duo member – a proof of studies: diploma or student certificate – for amateur competitors in the Duo Hobby section a self-declaration of each individual contestant, stating that he/she is not enrolled in a form of accredited musical education. – a proof of payment of the registration fee The registration fee is 100 Euros plus bank charges for each member of any professional duo. For the Hobby section, the registration fee is 75 Euros. The payment of the Registration fee in euro (or the equivalent in Lei at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment) is paid into the account: Bank: CREDIT EUROPE BANK, Magheru Branch SWIFT / BIC: FNNB ROBU Account Beneficiary: Majura Christ Association, CUI 29444010 For payment in Euro: IBAN: RO52FNNB001603037182EU01 For payment in Lei: IBAN: RO95FNNB001603037182RO01 with the mention: Application fee Competition IMPORTANT The fees and bank commissions will be paid by the participants so that the amount of the registration fee remains intact. The participation fee is not refunded in case of non-submission to the contest. The accommodation and transport of the Candidates will be on their own expenses. (see Useful Information).

Competition application form

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