Dearly beloved,

Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition is not just a competition, it is a magical time when all those who will gather there (competitors, jurors, public) will render homage to the unique charm of the musical dialogues.

Our hope, as organizers, is that the young artists performing on the stage will harness the joy of conversation through the positive energies of the musical universe. The members of Majura Christ Association wish that the five days of celebration that we shall spend toghether, will create a model of inspiration for the generations to come, generations who shall yearn for the communication that ensemble music enables, duo ensembles representing the first step in that direction.

We also wish that the name of a Maestro to be kept alive in our collective memory. Suzana Szörenyi has meant more than a mortal who fully consumed his fascinating destiny, she was like a “miraculous tree” giving to all those around its abundant fruit, its soul: love, knowledge, generosity, humor, advice, balance, gentleness, wisdom and spirituality.

My dears please embrace the music and let your express itself through it, as Music is God’s supreme gift to the entire Universe.

Professor Steluta Radu, PhD President of Majura Christ Association