Concursul Suzana Szorenyi
Membru AAF

Majura Christ Association organizes  Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition.

The competition wishes to stimulate the young generations of musicians, to awaken their interest for ensemble music, as well as to attract the music loving public towards an authentic understanding of chamber music genre.

Likewise, this project wishes to render homage to the remarkable Suzana Szörenyi, prominent personality of the Romanian pianistic and pedagogical world.

The founder of this competition, the Majura Christ Association, is a non-profit organization focusing mainly on cultural, artistic and humanitarian activities, being active in the same time in other domains such as organizing events and implementing projects dedicated to pre-university and university musical education.

The Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition is structured on four sections: Dramatic and lyric chamber Duo (voice – piano), Piano Duo – four hands, Piano Duo – two pianos and Hobby Duo (amateurs and mixed). The competitors will be evaluated by juries composed of Romanian and international musical personalities – pianists and accompanists, composers, soloists of the lyrical scene, professors. The total value of the prizes will rise to approx. 30.000 Euros (taxes included).

Starting with the second edition, the Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition is member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation.

The Majura Christ Association hopes that this competition will gather under the same roof as many music-lovers generations as possible, by embracing a comprehensive approach, centered on the idea of communication inside the DUO.

We wish to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all those who embrace our goals and values, to all our sponsors, partners, associates and volunteers who support us in successfully completing this daring project.

Founding members: Prof. Steluţa Radu, PhD
Prof. Viorica Rădoi, PhD